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SAN FRANCISCO, February 9, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Reveri Health, Inc., which enables anyone in the world to experience the benefits of self-hypnosis after just one 10-minute session, today announced it is closing $1.8 million in a seed financing led by InReach Ventures and with participation from Background Capital, as well as angel investors, Bobby Lo, Joe Greenstein, Andre Artz, Joseph Rubinsztain and Eduardo Vilar. Funding will be used to grow the team with the current job openings listed here and further improve the in-app experience.

The company was co-founded by America’s leading expert in the research and clinical uses of hypnosis with over 45 years of experience, Dr. David Spiegelprofessor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, Stanford University, and Ariel Poler, a prolific Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor focused on human augmentation. Spiegel also directs the Stanford Center on Stress and Health, and Poler has served on numerous boards of tech companies, including Strava.

As part of today’s news, Reveri announces Massimo DeMarco join as CEO, formerly CTO of Depop and Bradley Lautenbach as SVP of Marketing who was most recently head of trade marketing at The Washington Post.

“After 15 years in high-growth technology and the recent success of Depop, my ambition turned to wellness. I kept asking myself: can I use my experience to help people improve their well-being on a large scale?Soon after meeting Dr. David Spiegel and Ariel Poler, it became clear that Reveri was the opportunity I was looking for. I am thrilled to be part of this mission and of Dr. by David Spiegel world-renowned expertise and decades of research and clinical work with experience that could benefit hundreds of millions of people,” said Massimo DeMarcoCEO of Reveri.

Reveri comes at a critical time as the world enters the third year of the pandemic. Stressors have become persistent and undefined, adding to a multitude of challenges and dangerously damaging people’s well-being and mental health. Self-hypnosis is a proven and effective way to solve life’s challenges. Despite broad misconceptions, hypnosis is rooted in science; it is a facilitator and a useful tool that uses its ability to concentrate. Unlike meditation, which has its own benefits when adopted as a way of life, self-hypnosis is problem-solving oriented and can be used to manage acute challenges on demand. Backed by decades of research and clinical experience, Reveri’s approach to self-hypnosis and its new iOS app will help anyone in the world relieve pain and stress, improve sleep and adopt better habits.

“Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool for better managing your mind and body — from reducing stress to curbing certain habits like smoking and unhealthy diet,” says Dr. David Spiegel, co-founder of Reveri. “I have already helped more people with the Reveri app than I have been able to treat in person in my 50 year career in psychiatry. And that is why I am committed to ensuring that more people experience the benefits of hypnosis on their own terms and anywhere with the Reveri app.”

Reveri currently offers six core practices (with plans for more), aimed at helping people:

  • sleep better
  • Reduce stress
  • manage the pain
  • Improve focus
  • Eat well
  • Stop smoking

“We love Reveri’s mission to bring hypnosis to hundreds of millions of people around the world. There is no one in the world who knows more about the clinical use of hypnosis than Dr. David Spiegel. Combining his expertise with Ariel and Massimo’s background in consumer internet was an opportunity not to be missed!” said Roberto Bonanzingaco-founder and investment partner at InReach Ventures.

How Reveri Works

Reveri’s self-hypnosis is an immersive and interactive audio experience in which you can choose to interact verbally or with on-screen options. Upon opening the Reveri app, a member can learn about self-hypnosis through a video with Dr. Spiegel. From there, a member can choose from the six Core Practices currently available, with more planned for this year. Practices vary in length and content depending on the member’s answers to questions, but typically last 10-15 minutes. Reveri’s Moments** feature helps members build their self-hypnosis muscle while dealing with whatever is bothering them that day.

Reveri is available for download from the Apple App Store and offers monthly, annual, and lifetime subscriptions. Reveri aims to help as many people as possible, regardless of their financial situation. To do this, Reveri for Good makes Reveri available to those for whom membership is out of reach. Details on the website or by emailing [email protected]. Download Reveri today from the Apple App Store and change your mind for the better.

About Reveri Health, Inc.

Reveri’s self-hypnosis app helps anyone relieve pain and stress, improve sleep, and build better habits in as little as ten minutes. Backed by decades of scientific research and clinical experience, Reveri is the easiest way to change your mind and improve your life. Reveri was co-founded in 2020 by Dr. David Spiegel and Ariel Poler. Spiegel is one of the world’s most respected experts in the research and clinical uses of hypnosis. He is a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, Stanford University and directs the Stanford Center on Stress and Health. Poler is a serial entrepreneur and prolific investor focused on human augmentation and has served on numerous boards of tech companies, including Strava. Reveri is backed by top global investors, including InReach Ventures and Background Capital, as well as angel investors, Bobby Lo, Joe Greenstein, Andre Artz, Joseph Rubinsztain and Eduardo Vilar.

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