Revizor, nature adventure soundtrack [VIDEO]

Zvjezdan Ruzic and Vedran Krizan YouTube screenshot

February 18, 2022 – Croatian musician and producer Vedran Križan, who describes himself as a nature lover and outdoor enthusiast, has created a unique project that combines two of his greatest loves – music and nature

Check out the Revizor project, a series of ambient electronic compositions written and performed by keyboardist Vedran Križan, who describes it as a soundtrack for playtime or meditation. Revizor is influenced by various genres and subgenres of electronic music from the 60s to the present day, with each single being performed outdoors live to draw attention to the importance of spending time in nature.

Not just outside, but in some pretty special places. The first live act named View was played and filmed on Vojak Peak on top of Učka Mountain, a picturesque location with a spectacular view of the Kvarner Gulf on one side and Istria on the other.

Watch the video for the first single below:

Križan said the project probably wouldn’t have taken shape without the pandemic-induced lockdown.

“One positive thing about the lockdown was the huge amount of free time I used to play music, create and go out into nature…As the compositions took shape, I thought about how to present them visually, because no one would listen to anything for more than a minute these days if they have nothing to watch Due to the pandemic, the Ministry of Culture has supported artists in their efforts to showcase their work digitally, and I decided to take it a step further and use it to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Instead of typical music videos, I wanted to showcase my music live, get out of my zone of comfort and reveal the wonders of nature and all its benefits to the public,” Križan said for Novi list on his first outing with Réviseur.

“It’s music for different mental states and journeys, the effect of which I tested on myself. For example, I would play part of the piece while walking in the woods or while rowing,” says the musician.

He has now presented Revizor’s second single with a video shot in Platak, a ski resort north of Rijeka.

As reported by Novi list, the single named Living in Platak was performed and filmed on January 21, 2022 in real winter conditions at the top of Radeševo, one of the few ski resorts in Europe with a view of the sea.

Križan plays the keyboard and is joined by famous musician and composer Zvjezdan Ružić on the mellotron. Watch them perform the ambient piece against a pristine white backdrop:

Križan is best known as the keyboardist of Neno Belan’s band Fiumens, but he has also worked with many Croatian musicians and performers over his 30-year career (Denis & Denis, Laufer, Urban&4, Let 3, Pips chips & videoclips, Kensington Lima, etc.).

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