Shirley Bovshow’s show blooms on new GAC app

The advice offered by Shirley Bovshow in the Great American Community’s new abridged series “Eden Living with Shirley Bovshow” goes beyond practical tips for caring for all the plants and flowers in your garden. The program available through Great American Media’s free direct-to-consumer app also offers practical suggestions for dealing with the changing environment.

“Eden Living with Shirley Bovshow” is one of 15 all-new original short series in the app featuring well-known experts in cooking, fashion, lifestyle, gardening, pets, parenting, DIY, relationships, philanthropy , fitness, wellness and devotion. New episodes of all the first series on regular dates throughout the year.

The Bovshow series is available on Thursdays and Saturdays. Being part of the lineup is perfect for Bovshow.

“What I’ve found is that I really enjoy teaching,” Bovshow says. “It’s not just about doing the work in real life, but being able to articulate it and make it easy for people to understand.”

His passion for plants did not start at a young age. The self-proclaimed city dweller grew up in the urban areas of Los Angeles. She didn’t even visit the parks much. She was in her twenties when her husband introduced her to the great outdoors and this newfound interest has stayed with her ever since.

Bovshow — a nationally recognized landscaping and landscaping artist who has won numerous design awards — says the short form program for GAC is something she works on every day. She has actually spent decades helping people with their gardening questions. In addition to her own blog and a media company that focus on foliage, she was the gardening/lifestyle expert on Hallmark’s “Home & Family” for nine seasons. Bovshow was also the co-host of “The Garden Police” on the Discovery Channel.

Each job has allowed Bovshow to answer questions about flowers and plants. She has seen concerns change over the years, with drought now a very hot topic.

“People look to me for advice on landscapes and gardens nationwide,” Bovshow says. “The drought has changed a lot of approaches to gardening. It also changed your aesthetic because it forces you to see the beauty of the types of plants that you might not have considered if you weren’t in a drought.

Bill Abbott, president and CEO of Great American Media, describes in-app programming as a significant shift in the company’s digital strategy and a way to give fans a new way to interact with hosts. Along with “Eden Living with Shirley Bovshow,” the new schedule via the Great America Community app—along with the release of today’s new episodes—includes:

“The Modern Mom with Debbie Matenopoulos” (Monday and Friday): TV presenter and talk show host Debbie Matenopoulos shares easy-to-master recipes, fashion and beauty tips, and all the tips and tricks she’s learned over her two-decade career as a TV host and lifestyle expert.

“Giving & Caring with Larissa Wohl” (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday): The pet adoption advocate and TV host digs into animal adoptions, shelter spotlights and stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

“Affordably Fabulous with Lauren Makk” (Tuesdays and Thursdays): Makk shares tips and tricks for achieving the fabulous life on a budget.

“Beauty and Blessings with Kym Douglas” (Wednesday and Sunday): The series features the beauty expert and daytime TV staple offering beauty and skincare tips, fashion advice, devotions and ways to look your most beautiful from within.

“Daily Celebrations with Maria Provenzano” (Wednesday and Friday): The famous baker and chef will teach you how to cook, cook delicious recipes and make crafts for the daily celebrations of your life.

“A Good Life with Lawrence Zarian” (Mondays and Fridays): The fashion maven, TV presenter and author will inspire women of all shapes and sizes through fashion and by sharing stories from her podcast.

“All Things Cool with Lizzy Mathis” (Fridays and Sundays): The founder of The Cool Mom Co. reminds moms to step up, rekindle their personal passions, and keep bringing freshness to motherhood.

“The Sweet Life with Emily Hutchinson” (Tuesdays and Saturdays): Everything you want to do is at your fingertips with Hutchinson showing you how to make eye-catching creations.

“Southern Savvy with Jamie Tarence” (Mondays and Thursdays): The Southern connoisseur, chef, author and podcast host shares all things Southern in her series, from cooking and baking to fashion and beauty.

“Conscious Living with Mahaila McKellar” (Tuesdays and Saturdays): The actress and author shares her knowledge as a certified meditation teacher to bring positivity and mindfulness to stressful days.

“The Good Life with Cameron Mathison” (Tuesdays and Sundays): The TV star, host and presenter shares her passion to learn more about creating a healthier life. He brings this knowledge to this series dedicated to better health from within.

“Bits of Joy with Danica McKellar” (Mondays and Thursdays): McKellar will share Bible Bits, Healthy Bits and Math Bits.

“Farm and Family with Jill Wagner” (Wednesdays and Sundays): The actress and presenter offers insight into her life on a farm in Nashville that includes tours of her property, working out, family life and soulful Sundays.

“Daily Adventures with Trevor Donovan” (Wednesdays and Saturdays): Donovan will share his life and the daily adventures that bring him joy.

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