Singing Dragon releases the return of Taiwanese writer Wang Yun’s international bestseller from Qingcheng Mountain


Taipei, Taiwan – (Newsfile Corp. – October 13, 2021) – Third book by Taiwanese author Wang Yun in his English trilogy Qingcheng Mountain – published worldwide by Singing Dragon and released at the end of September – has already been listed no. 1 out of 37 total Amazon Bestsellers and Hot New Releases categories in seven countries including US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia and Japan.

The cover of the latest version of Wang Yun in the Qingcheng Mountain series

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As of this writing, the prolific Taiwanese author has published a catalog of over 50 books in his native Mandarin, covering genres such as inspirational non-fiction, philosophy, health, religion, art and The fiction. His works have been widely acclaimed by readers and the press, leading each publication to repeat top-selling awards upon release. Some of Wang Yun’s work remained in no. 1 place on Taiwan’s largest bookstore chain bestseller list for over a year, a testament to both the depth of her words and thought, and her ability to connect with readers.

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His work translated into English, including the latest Back from Qingcheng Mountain, has the same qualities. The Qingcheng series – which brings to life the stories of Wang Yun’s rich learning journey at the feet of Taoist followers and masters, and the exercises and methods they passed down to him – first appeared in the English-speaking world in August 2019 . its first publication in the Western world, Climb the steps of Qingcheng Mountain has managed to dominate a number of Amazon Hot New Releases rankings in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France and Germany. As Cindy Engel, who has trained and taught qigong around the world for over 40 years, said, “[This book is] valuable insight into the life and teachings of a modern Taoist meditation master living in Taiwan. Extracts of wisdom, instruction, and illustrative stories highlight the potential of Taoist meditation. Serge Augier, a well-known French qigong follower and lineage master, added, “It is always good news when some Taoist wisdom is shared with the world. This practical teaching is useful to all! “

Clouds over Qingcheng Mountain, the second book in the series, was released in September 2020, breaking the records of its predecessor. After another rise in Amazon’s Best Sellers and Hot New Releases lists – totaling 23 no. 1 spots over 49 days in four separate countries – it became clear that what Wang Yun had to offer from the Far East had truly met a need, especially for a world in the grip of a pandemic. Michael Brown, a seasoned translator and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine himself, said, “This work paints a rich tapestry of personal experiences, cultural histories and exercise explanations. Sometimes reading this book feels like Master Wang Yun is in front of me telling the story himself. “

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Wang Yun’s third and final outing only compounded his rare success, ranking in some countries among the world’s foremost authors in the fields of spirituality, medicine and health. Back from Qingcheng Mountain has already captured 37 no. 1 spots over 51 consecutive days and it’s not over yet. Serge Augier, once again, said this about Back: “Wang Yun shares with us a beautiful and practical quest on Taoist culture. Enjoyable to read and incredibly informative, this is a great book. I have been practicing for 40 years and this must be the first book that reminded me of my quest. personal… well done! This is a must read for those passionate about Taoism! “

Wang Yun’s example suggests that it is time for the indigenous custodians of the authentic wisdom traditions of the Chinese-speaking world to share their living and breathing knowledge to deal with the physical and mental ailments of today. By sharing his own wealth of such knowledge, Wang Yun himself is able to draw on his long experience in Taoist meditation, Chinese health culture, ancient practices of qigong, and other methods of training in human life. spirit, seamlessly weaving these ancient traditions into accessible applications suitable for all. aspects of normal life today. As the pandemic continues to hold its grip around the world, finding and maintaining health and true peace of mind and body has become a major issue for people of all backgrounds, everywhere. Practicing the exercises alone, says the author, is not sufficient in itself, however: one must be well versed in the wide and deep traditions of the East to truly understand the root of its problems. It is this experiential knowledge that will guide towards solutions that are not superficial and ephemeral.

As his books show, in elegant prose, Wang Yun was trained in a classical and in-depth manner from various masters and lineage holders of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. His Qingcheng Mountain The series combines personal anecdotes and legends of tradition, with simple and easy to understand methods of physical and mental cultivation. Hopefully, the Taoist way of life and the Chinese cultural roots from which it developed can continue to have a positive impact on the lives of people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

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