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Known for its inspiring and musical cycling lessons, SoulCycle has a significant limited-time offer on its home bikes until December 24. Normally priced at $ 2,500, stationary exercise bikes are now on sale for $ 1,900, a savings of $ 600 or 24 percent off. Funding is available.

The SoulCycle Connected Bike Experience offers on-demand and live lessons, available only through the required Equinox + app, which costs $ 40 per month. (There is no additional charge for current Equinox users, however.)

The app also offers access to a range of classes beyond cycling: Pure Yoga, classes based on Solidcore Pilates, Precision Run guided treadmill and outdoor running and walking classes, guided meditation through Headstrong, Rumble boxing, Tom Brady’s TB12 strength and conditioning workouts and other Equinox offerings.

Delivery of a SoulCycle At-Home Bike will take approximately one to three weeks. It arrives pre-assembled and ready to plug in and delivery charges are included in the price. There is a one year warranty on the screen and parts of the bike and a five year warranty on the frame of the bike. Users can return the bike for a refund after a 30-day trial, less a $ 250 handling and shipping charge.

What many users say they love about SoulCycle is the uplifting atmosphere of the cycling instructors and lessons, which are often given in a candle-lit studio. “Invite in the force,” sings an instructor, a former student turned cycling teacher who teaches an excellent beginner’s course (one of three levels, which also includes intermediate and advanced.)

SoulCycle is known for its Hollywood fans; Stars such as David Beckham, Kella Ripa and Katie Holmes have been spotted in its studios, and the fitness brand even gifted Carey Mulligan a bike seven years before it started offering the equipment for sale.

SoulCycle 2 - Bike - Commercial - 2021

Read on for more information on the bike, specs, and classes.

SoulCycle vs Peloton: Bike Comparison

Rugged and stable, the commercial grade steel frame bike with carbon fiber belt measures 62.2 inches by 22.2 inches by 53.5 inches and can accommodate riders from 4’10 “to 6’10” tall and up to 350 pounds. Including the touchscreen, the bike weighs 142 pounds and has front wheels that allow it to be lifted from the rear and moved.

The SoulCycle bike has five components that can be easily adjusted. The screen tilts up or down, but not side to side. The handlebars can be adjusted up or down as well as forward or backward and the seat can move up or down and also forward and backward. There are two water bottle holders as well as a holder for a pair of dumbbells.

The SoulCycle does not offer automatic resistance control on the bike, which is offered on Peloton.

Music-focused classes encourage self-acceptance and inclusion. Many users find the experience much less metrics-driven than riding Peloton. While riders can check their kilometers or cadence (rpm), SoulCycle offers an exclusive feature called Beat Match, which measures how well a rider stays in sync with the beat of the music throughout the class.

SoulCycle 4 - Commercial - 2021

The videos also offer an in-screen view called Form Rider, which gives a side view of a rider, making it easy to follow good form. This is especially useful for those new to SoulCycle who may not be familiar with some of the signature moves such as single and double presses, sit ups, and chest presses. These moves, along with the fact that a good portion of every class is spent out of the saddle, give the SoulCycle experience a dance and cardio vibe.

Class lengths range from five-minute Soul Arms workouts to 90-minute walks.

Unlike Peloton, users are not limited to exercise content while riding. Via the Streaming Mode function, they can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney +.

And in Free-Ride mode, riders can listen to their own music and log into a Spotify account. The connected bike can also be paired with a heart rate monitor and is enabled for the AppleGym kit so your Apple Watch can track your workouts.

SoulCycle Home Bike

$ 1,900

Buy now

Screen and sound

The 21.5-inch anti-glare screen is large enough to provide an immersive classroom experience. It is Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi compatible with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The surface is also resistant to perspiration.

SoulCycle 3 - Commercial - 2021

The monitor also includes 8-watt speakers with a 15-watt woofer that produces a surround sound effect. Users can also use Bluetooth enabled headphones while commuting.

Pedals and shoes

If you’ve never ridden a stationary bike that requires clipping – your shoe is literally attached to the pedal – it can be difficult to get used to, including adjusting the grip of the clip system with an Allen wrench and learning how to tie and unfasten the shoes. The SoulCycle bike is built with double-sided pedals. One side accommodates the SPD crampons and the other the LOOK Delta shoes. SoulCycle makes and sells its own LOOK Delta shoes, which start at $ 175.

SoulCycle Home Bike

$ 1,900

Buy now


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