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Triple M AI Incorporated Launches Finish App to Help Users Train for Productivity Through Faster Project Completion

EDMONTON, AB, CANADA, Aug. 19, 2022 / — Since its inception in December 2020, Triple M AI Incorporated has been committed to delivering extremely intelligent solutions to improve efficiency and productivity. The company has introduced a one-of-a-kind app that aims to improve the productivity of professionals, writers, and administrators by training muscle memory and the mind to receive binaural frequencies.

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The Finish-Productivity Training app uses sound to cause a change in the state of the brain. It capitalizes on the right and left ear’s ability to receive a relatively different tone or frequency and the brain’s ability to distinguish them as a single tone. The brain then emits a third sound, called a binaural beat.

The Binaural Rhythm of the Finish app is convenient for users who wish to enter a state of meditation, focus and relaxation for enhanced productivity.

Depending on the goals users want to achieve, they can choose from four active modes on the app, including:

Concentrate better

The typical workdays of professionals, writers, and administrators are filled with a deluge of flashing social media badges and audible notifications that can make them lose focus. Despite the individual’s efforts to concentrate, electronic gadgets and other activities can easily throw them off course and ruin their attention. Unfortunately, most of these distractions come from work devices used to perform essential tasks.

Losing focus is more than just a lack of willpower. It is a hard-wired behavior in the human brain to respond to changes in audio and visual fields. These changes end up diverting our abilities to undertake or complete essential matters. Luckily, the Finish app is here to offer a solution.

“Focus Better” mode will activate the focus center of the user’s brain, making them more attentive to relayed information. Therefore, the user will quickly complete this work in a short turnaround time. The mind becomes more focused, allowing them to see images and text clearly and to think better.

With the Finish app, individuals can break free from the shackles of procrastination and the inability to focus. “Focus Better” mode is suitable for students or people with office jobs. Tuning uses quiet sound to adjust muscle memory or prime the brain for work productivity.

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read faster

Professionals and students often end up with piles of unread documents. To reach reading goals faster, the reading environment should be a chamber of concentration, an area away from distractions. Read faster helps improve user’s speed reading skills.

It is essential to note that speed reading is a set of reading faster while understanding information. The app eliminates all distractions that may prevent the user from reading faster. As a result, the brain gets used to feeding the read information.

The best thing is that users can set goals according to their preferences. For example, if a user typically reads 200 words per minute, they can improve speed by aiming for 300-400 words per minute. Read Faster helps the user to improve the number of words he reads per minute and encourages him to develop his confidence. Reading faster also helps reduce or eliminate sub-vocalization (saying words in the head). At appropriate volume, the tones fill the user’s head and slightly interfere with natural sub-vocalization. Once the user can overcome the inner monologue, it improves information processing and level of concentration, eventually picking up speed.

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Type faster

Medium-speed writers typically write 41 words per minute. While the average speed might be enough to land a standard job, it takes a lot more for writers who want to advance their careers or make a fortune.

It goes without saying that individuals can type more words when they feel more comfortable. Finish App’s Type Faster mode aims to activate muscle memory, allowing users to relax their hands to improve typing speed. Whether it’s their first time learning touch typing or they need a refresher after years of slow typing, Finish App’s Type Faster can help users get up to speed fast. the right path.

To understand

Everyone wants to achieve mastery in their career. The Understand feature encourages users to practice and improve their reading and comprehension skills. Comprehension not only helps users understand written text, but also helps them understand visual and audio information.

The mode puts the user’s brain in perfect understanding when watching movies or videos or reading books. This feature is unique because the user can recall information that they don’t usually remember, allowing them to quickly internalize the information they consume.

Finish App also offers countdown timers to help the user track their progress. Users can choose to work 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours before taking a break and make better use of the remaining time. The main purpose of these timers is to help users focus and devote time to a particular task while taking short or long breaks to refresh or revitalize.

Overall, Finish will help users improve their productivity. The app will ensure workers can get their jobs done by improving their concentration levels, reading, typing and comprehension skills. These improved skills boil down to the ability to track time and allow users to work efficiently on any written assignment.

More importantly, Finish can train the brain to perform specific activities regarding the productivity modes above. This will train your mind and brain to retain the connections they make while using the app. For example, the user can gradually learn to focus, read, type independently, and understand without using the app. However, adopting a permanent behavior may take about a few days, but the results will be evident within a few hours.
Students, writers and other interested users can access the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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