Tech company partners with wellness app to help people working from home find better balance


A computer peripherals company has partnered with a mental health and wellness app to help people working from home find a better balance,

Computer hardware and software maker Logitech has announced a partnership with Calm, urging people to align their physical and mental well-being through the use of ergonomic computer tools and a free Calm Premium subscription.

The partnership offers customers who purchase Logitech Ergo series tools a free three-month Calm Premium subscription.

With the subscription, customers will have access to Calm’s comprehensive library, including meditations, sleep stories, breathing exercises, and body and audio content.

While employees have enjoyed increased flexibility and autonomy in their work and life, they have been forced to compromise elements of their mental and physical health as the boundaries of life are erased, as Symptoms of distraction and burnout increase and they adapt to unsuitable and unhealthy workspaces. becomes a necessity.

The Logitech and Calm partnership aims to improve this by empowering people to take control and prioritize their well-being so that they can realize the positive potential of a future remote world that is forming around them. .

Nichole Izzo, Marketing Manager, Logitech EMEA said, “We are extremely proud and excited to partner with the Calm team, combining our digital wellness expertise to move forward towards our shared mission of creating a happier, healthier world where people have the tools and support they need to reach their potential.

“As we move towards a remote first world, we are excited to discover the possibilities that more freedom and autonomy will bring to people both in and outside of work, and we look forward to providing the necessary support for them. help in their efforts. for them.”

The Logitech Ergo Lab is developing and reinventing workspace tools to help people feel better so they can work better at work.

Products include the Ergo K860 keyboard designed with a curved frame to improve posture, wrist support and muscle tension, and the MX Vertical mouse that allows users to adopt a natural handshake position that reduces muscle tension by 10%.

Customers who purchase the MX Vertical, MX Ergo, Ergo K860 and Ergo M575 from the Logitech Ergo series will receive a free three-month Calm Premium subscription.

The partnership offer will be valid while subscriptions are exhausted.


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