The new Palm Coast company specializes in metaphysical practices, beliefs


Opening a new business during a pandemic is always a risk, but Erica Bridgham and her husband, owners of Vedic Moons at St. Joe Business Center, were ready to take the chance. And the reception given to the company has been extremely positive.

“The ribbon cutting was on October 2nd and we had a great turnout, I was thrilled,” said Erica Bridgham. “We had over 60 people, the place was packed. It was such a beautiful day, they made me cry, I was so happy.

This kind of positive reception is even more encouraging because Vedic Moons is not your ordinary store. Bridgham specializes in Ayurvedic practices, which, according to the Johns Hopkins Medicine website, are a way to “regain balance between body, mind, spirit and environment.” Ayurvedic medicine promotes good health and disease prevention through lifestyle practices: massage, meditation, yoga, dietary changes, and herbal remedies.

Bridgham teaches two meditation classes each month and has said that meditation has had a huge benefit in her own life. “I used to have horrible panic attacks, I couldn’t even drive, my whole body would stop,” she said. “Meditation has changed my life. Changed my life. If I can help a person change their life then it is so worth it.

She pointed out that, like most things she promotes, not everyone is benefit from a solution.

“We all have different types of meditation,” she said. “My husband loves woodworking. This is his form of meditation.

Bridgham’s belief system hasn’t always dictated his career. She said she had always been an entrepreneur and had opened restaurants and a media marketing business before. And then she got sick and thought that the stress of her career was the cause of her illness.

“In fact, I’ve been in this world for a long time, since I was 10 years old,” she said, waving her hand to indicate her store. “I was connected to spiritual practices all over the world.”

Some of the many items for sale in the store include various crystals and minerals, candles and jewelry

After falling ill, she decided to go back to her roots and remember what made her happy. “This is how I came back to the metaphysical / spiritual world.”

She started to meditate, went to school to become a holistic Ayurvedic practitioner and said that it had brought her to a whole new world.

“It really helped me ground myself in my yoga practice, my meditation, how to properly use herbs to heal mind, body and soul, and my goal now is to teach everyone “she said. “Here, it’s all about education. I want to teach everyone how to use these ancient techniques and methodologies to heal their mind, heal their body, heal their soul, to live a better quality of life.

Originally from New York City, Brigham, 36, and her husband moved to the Palm Coast in May. They love that the area bought a home in the Matanzas Woods area, where they are surrounded by wild animals and nature that they both love.

She said she spends a lot of time studying both Western medicine and Ayurvedic practices in order to help people make the best decisions for themselves.

“I’m still pretty much on the books,” she said. “Each person is different. So what works for you may not necessarily work for the next person. In society now everything has become such a trend. You shouldn’t force your schedule on someone else because you don’t know what that person’s body is going through.

The store has hatha yoga classes on Wednesdays and Fridays, and a full moon meditation is scheduled for October 20. She is also providing the door prize gift basket for the Christmas Come True event on November 6.

And as for the name of the company, she said that Vedic is a game of veda, Ayurveda, and means knowledge.


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