The school is the 4th small employer in the Top Workplaces for 2022

St. Mary’s Catholic School is the 4th Best Workplace Small Employer for 2022.

The description: St. Mary’s Catholic School is a bilingual Catholic school that was established in 1893 in conjunction with Boston College’s Two-Way Immersion Network for Catholic Schools. It also works in collaboration with Notre Dame. Spread over two campuses, the school has 41 employees. This is the third year that St. Mary’s has made the Best Workplaces list.

Organisation : “We are an inclusive school. We have partnered with Notre Dame to ensure that our teachers are trained and educated to teach our students with inclusion in mind, meeting each student where they are emotionally, academically, and spiritually.

From employees: “I have my principal’s support and I feel like she trusts me to do my job,” said one teacher. Another expressed, “I love my job because it is a teaching vocation with a community that works, prays and teaches as one in the body of Jesus Christ.”

The following is an excerpt from an interview with the principal of St. Mary’s Catholic School, Rebecca Maestas-Sanchez, whose comments have been edited and condensed for length and clarity.

How has the pandemic changed the culture of the organization?

“Well, through great struggles always come great opportunities, and that’s exactly what the pandemic has been for us. It was a good opportunity. We took advantage of it and were able to make great strides in our school. in education, not only to educate our children, but also for my teachers by learning a bit more about themselves and how they could step out of that little comfort zone and really excel as educators. .”

How has the pandemic changed your understanding of staff work-life balance?

“We are very attentive to this balance. We work very hard not only to meet the needs – the social and emotional needs – of our learners, but also of our team. We start every staff meeting with a prayer, and we start every staff meeting with some kind of meditation. We have a lazy Wednesday for our team to go for stretching and meditation and it’s very relaxing. Our advisor guides us in this. And things like that were really, those were the essential things that got us through some of the tough days. »

What does mentoring look like today compared to before the pandemic?

“Mentoring is about caring for the people you have been assigned to lead. And that often looks different for every employee. A lot of times it means someone is going through a tough time, or they can’t get to work or they’re late or something has happened and we’re putting all the boots down. Each of us, we are in progress, we help, we teach, whatever needs to be done. And we all do that, our security guard, our nurse, our counselor, my administrative assistant – we just pull ourselves together when we have to and I think that’s all part of it, making sure we’re all able and willing and flexible to do the job that needs to be done.

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