The search for peace and healing leads to a new enterprise

Deborah Padilla has spent most of her adult life working in a stressful legal field, from messaging to legal assistant. Now, she has opened the Elements of Insight Wellness Center to help others release stress and find peace and personal growth. (Courtesy of Deborah Padilla)

We are such an angry bunch. Stress. Our fuses are dangerously short these days when wearing a mask – or not – can incite a fight, when parents attack teachers for teaching, when road rage turns fatal, when even the good news is. greeted with shrugged shoulders.

We have become addicted to outrage, at least it seems, more comfortable with our sullen mood than our smiles.

Deborah Padilla feels our pain – and our stress, our anger and our discomfort with who we are, where we are, what we do.

I was there, I did that, she said.

Padilla spent her adulthood in the difficult and chaotic legal world, starting in high school as a courier for a law firm to the paralegal she is now for a personal injury practice.

Over the years, she has seen the worst that can be done to a human, the worst that a human can do to another human, and how all of this can lead to the worst behavior among members of the legal profession.

“I have seen very good people at the top of their game struggle with stress, addictions, without feeling a balance in their lives,” said Padilla. “They are highly qualified people, but it is a difficult area. It’s hard. What I started to ask myself is why do we go through this career and end up struggling? “

It’s not just the legal profession. The struggle is real for anyone in any field, or in any field at all.

“We all have a story,” she said. “We all have stress. What’s different is the way we treat it. “

Padilla admits that for a long time she didn’t manage her stress very well.

“I experienced health problems that no one could explain and I made bad choices,” she said. “I had this anger and I didn’t know where it was coming from. I no longer recognized my life.

Padilla took a trip in 2016 to find out what was going on with her, both physically and emotionally. She took health and wellness classes and enlisted the help of a local shaman, learning that the paths to healing for body, soul and spirit are intertwined.

The COVID-19 pandemic, a time of extreme stress, anger and anxiety for most of us, has become a time of learning and growth for Padilla, who continued her education in health and well- to be, in integrated energy therapy and meditation.

It was also a time when Padilla realized the need for her to share what she had learned to help others find healing and peace in such an acrimonious time.

She started working as a lifestyle and wellness coach. In October 2020, she rented a small office and began creating what she hoped would be a safe and calming space where she could expand her practice, filling that space with holistic crystals, Himalayan salts, singing bowls. , drums and an infrared sauna used for alternative therapy and contemplation.

A year later, she opened her doors with her Elements of Insight wellness center, calling herself on her Facebook page as “an intuitive healer practicing in the fields of meditation, integrated energy therapy, limpias, sound bath. and health, state of mind and life coaching. “

In short, Padilla is there to help you find what you are looking for.

“I want people to know that we all have stories and that we can all overcome obstacles with the right support system,” she said. “It is by no means an easy task with an end result. It is a trip of a lifetime and a daily practice.

If that sounds like too much cosmic hippie woo-woo New Age-y hocus-pocus hippie crap, Padilla gets it.

“It might not be for everyone and it’s OK,” she said. “My business was created for those who were looking for answers, like I have for so many years, and they can’t seem to find any. Maybe they have certain feelings and emotions and don’t understand why. They may want change but don’t know where to start, or be paralyzed with fear. I am here for these people. This is not an hour of fashionable comfort.

If Padilla’s Elements of Insight isn’t for you, then please find a way out of your stressful slag pits, and soon. Go for a walk. To go to church. Get a massage. Go dance. Everything you need to relax.

Previously, when I saw or read stories of adults having tantrums about history class, wearing masks, getting vaccinated, getting the right number of fries with their burger, I kept an open mind, curious about their history, where their anger and information came from.

But my patience is exhausted these days, and I find myself embracing their anger and intolerance. We are all interconnected like this, our actions impacting everyone, often at our peril.

So I breathe. I write. I kiss my dogs. These are my elements of insight.

“It’s not about removing stressors from life, it’s about restructuring the way you react and react,” said Padilla. “Everyone has this peace and healing inside, but they might not know how to get it. I help them get there.

I hope we all get there, in any way we can.

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