There’s no better exercise than running: Sshrey Pareek

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Sshrey Pareek, the talented actor who was last seen in Qurbaan Hua, is a fitness enthusiast. He strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle and incorporates a strict fitness regimen daily.

In a candid chat with, Sshrey talks about her fitness choices.

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Cheat food:

Samosa, I can kill anyone for Samosa (smile)

Favorite exercise:

I like to do leg exercises. They are the cornerstone of his body.

The purpose of the exercise for you is:

Only fitness. A healthy lifestyle is the goal of my practice.

Fruit or juice:

I prefer fruit

Staircase or elevator:

I usually take the elevator. I avoid the stairs, but I’m lazy that way

Your best morning routine will include:

Meditation and affirmations. This is followed by a cup of tea

Your favorite containment exercise:

Running, cardio and cycling. I was in Jaipur when the lockdown happened. I was extremely fit during the lockdown.

Yoga or weights:

I prefer weights. I haven’t tried yoga. I’ve heard people say you get core strength and mental toughness. But I haven’t tried it

Walk or Jog:


Your take on health supplements:

If you know you need it, you can take it. But go for a good brand name for health supplements. Opt for Ayurveda.

Best way to burn calories:

Running, there is nothing better than that.

Your take on six-pack abs:

It’s trending right now. In our industry, preferences are lower if you don’t have six-pack abs. But I think having it makes you very unhealthy.

Any personal fitness goals in mind:

I want to feel light and energetic throughout the day. I only set specific goals if a project requires me to do something different.

A tip for everyday fitness:

Change your cycle. Wake up early, sleep early, and eat 3-4 hours before sleeping at night. Include 30 minutes of running in your daily schedule.

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