Uniting for Youth Mental Wellness: Music Row at the Mae

River Street Promotions has been forced to repeatedly postpone its winter fundraiser, but the five friends are thrilled to bring their collaborating singer-songwriters back from Nashville to Moose Jaw on April 29.

River Street Promotions has been forced to repeatedly postpone its winter fundraiser, but the five friends are thrilled to bring their collaborating singer-songwriters back from Nashville to Moose Jaw on April 29.

Jared Mathieson, Andy Hamilton, Shea Jameson, Joel Stewart and James Murdock formed River Street Promotions (RSP) in late 2019 to focus their considerable fundraising power on supporting teen mental health. Funds raised by RSP go to the Prairie South School Division (PSSD).

Due to COVID, the association immediately experienced delays which became postponements.

However, despite the pandemic, they brought their first event, Homestand ’21, to life at Ross Wells Park in August 2021. The event raised $50,000 for youth mental health wellness, and An additional $15,000 was donated to help beautify the park that hosted the concert. .

“Mental health wellness is very important to our students and to our staff,” said Amanda Olson, Superintendent of Learning at PSSD. Money raised by RSP helped PSSD establish a fund for mental health education, which Olson says has made a huge difference.

The fund is called RSP Mental Health Wellness Funding. It makes up to $1,500 available to individual schools on a matching basis for their mental health initiatives.

“So, for example,” Olson explained. “Mossbank School held a mental health wellness fair and throughout the day students were introduced to various elements of mental health wellness, things like meditation and the outdoors, how beneficial it is.”

Other schools such as William Grayson and Empire School have also planned events.

Other initiatives funded by the RSP grant include speakers on mental wellness and mental/emotional resilience. They shared these opportunities with Holy Trinity Catholic School Division.

Kevin Cameron, education specialist and executive director of the North American Center for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response, has spoken to school divisions on several occasions.

“(Cameron) strongly believes that the connection gap must be addressed before the learning gap can be targeted,” Olson said. “Because children need to be mentally prepared and feel good and feel safe at school…Students who have a connection with a caring adult, someone with whom they feel truly understood, have higher self-esteem. self and higher success rates in school and in life in general.”

PSSD also used RER funds to have Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe speak to parents, teachers and school community councils about her theory and strategies for everyday resilience. Olson said the presentation helped not just the students, but everyone involved in supporting them, which is increasingly being recognized as an important part of young people’s success.

PSSD and Holy Trinity continue to apply and use the language they have learned about resilience.

Dr. Hanley-Dafoe’s presentation can be viewed on the Prairie South website.

Music Row at the Mae was originally scheduled for January 28 before the Omicron wave derailed the plan. It’s back for April 29 at 7:30 p.m.

Nashville singer-songwriters Emily Shackelton, Victoria Banks, Phil Barton and Jeff Cohen will be at the Mae Wilson Theater to perform and talk about their mental wellness journeys.

They will also be at the AE Peacock Auditorium on the morning of the 29thand to talk, play and answer questions from 600 students representing both PSSD and Holy Trinity. Artists will share personal stories behind some of their greatest hits and help students understand that it’s okay to struggle – everyone does it.

RSP are already planning Homestand’s next summer concert, which will again be held at Ross Wells Park.

“It’s been absolutely fantastic to work with this dedicated group of community members and fundraisers,” Olson said. “(The funds are) used by each community in a meaningful way for their students. And it is necessary.

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