Use the Amen app to connect with Jesus and live the good life

Find happiness, peace and calm through Christ.

Are you looking to establish a better routine for connecting with God? The Amen app aims to help you achieve your goal of drawing closer to the Lord through daily prayer, meditation and bedtime audio. Best of all, the Amen app is free on the App Store.

Amen app offers several features including daily prayer audio to help you put Christ first in your life. Earn more wisdom, encouragement, love and support every day. Starting your day off right has never been easier.

Want to read more of this biblical passage mentioned in the daily prayer? No need to leave the app! Amen includes a free, full-featured, easy-to-access Bible. Plus, Amen has vivid narrations of the best Bible stories at your fingertips.

Guided Christian Amen meditations will lead you into a relaxed state, knowing that you are loved and cared for by the Father. New to meditation? That’s okay, the Amen app also provides an audio introduction to the practice. Not sure what to expect? Check out some of the topics covered: managing stress, sleeping better, overcoming anxiety, being grateful and thinking positively. We could all use a little more!

You can easily start and end your day with Amen. With soothing sleep sounds and stories, you can gently fall asleep. With plenty of options to choose from, restless minds can hear specific topics like “Letting Go” and “Reassurance.” Or you can just fall asleep to the peaceful sounds of “Grasslands” or “Nighttime Summer”. The Amen app aims to calm you down for the best possible sleep.

Want to include more? Prayer groups are a great way to harness the power of prayer with friends, family, and fellow believers. Simply post your prayer requests on the app and allow the group to pray for you. Posting prayer requests is easy and our community is supportive and uplifting ;P

The Amen app will help you deepen your relationship with Christ, while reducing anxiety, and helping you fall asleep faster. Thousands of believers have left positive reviews after using Amen. Join others using our highly rated app to follow Jesus Christ today.

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