Want to delete an app on iPhone? It’s not as complicated as you think!

From cooking to measuring, list keeping, meditation, finance, social media and more, it’s no secret that there’s an app for everything. But, downloading all those apps can fill up iPhone storage space, and it’s time to do something about it.

This article will guide you on deleting apps from iPhone – on the Homepage, Application Libraryand through Settings.

What Prevents Deleting Apps on iPhone?
Knowing exactly what is preventing someone from deleting apps on their iPhone is essential before learning the steps to wipe off their.

Pre-installation of applications
On the Apple App Store, apps installed by default or via software update are referred to as “built-in apps” – apps such as Calculator, Calendar, Clock, Camera, FaceTimeFind My, etc. Some of these applications can indeed be removed, but it is not possible to remove them completely.

Content Restrictions
Depending on where the iPhone was received from – workplace, school, university, parent gift, etc. – a setting may exist that prevents essential apps from being removed. This typically includes productivity and education apps such as Google ClassroomMicrosoft Teams and Slack.

How to Completely Delete Apps from iPhone
There are three areas where apps can be deleted from iPhone:
The Home Screen, Main Screen, and Startup Screen on the iPhone
The App Library, a new way to organize apps
Settings, the brain behind how the phone works

One of the most common and easiest ways to remove unwanted apps from iPhone is near the home screen. Here are the steps to follow:
Press and hold until the menu window appears, then tap on the Delete app option.
Choose the Delete Application option.

Application Library
This specific place stores and sorts applications without taking up space on the home screen. To remove apps from the App Library, these steps should be followed:
The App Library is on the top iPhone screen, so start by swiping from right to left.
Once the app library is open, long press the app you want to delete, just like on the home screen.
When the menu appears, tap or select the Delete app option.

Apps can also be removed from Settings. Most people have probably come across this option when their iPhone is running out of space and want to delete apps that are taking up most of their storage space.
First tap Settings, General, then iPhone Storage.
Next, go through the apps, starting with the ones that take up the most space.
After finding the apps to delete, tap on them.
When apps are deleted, a window at the bottom indicates whether app data will be saved or deleted.
After confirmation, tap Delete.

An iPhone has an abundance of apps for everyone. But, as the needs and usage of apps vary according to individual preferences and free time, it becomes essential to remove unwanted and unnecessary apps from iPhone due to unnecessary storage space they occupy .

Either way, freeing up storage space and taking photos without the looming threat of “Can’t take photo” is the best way to keep using iPhone.


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