Waze integrates with the meditation app for less stressful trips


Stalling in traffic usually means bad times. Apart from its influence on the mood of the moment, the exposure to stress generated by this scenario can have long-term repercussions on a person’s physical and mental health.

To make these episodes more bearable for drivers who use Waze, the app recently released a feature that will help calm things down.

“Drive with Headspace”, the new Waze experience

The gradual resumption of old routines in certain work and study spaces has led some people to face traffic jams again, after having got rid of this stressor for a while.

As an aid to “Find more joy and meaning on the road” it was present this new Waze initiative in partnership with Headspace, a meditation platform.

Integration with Headspace allows Waze users to choose from five moods including Conscious, Bright, Hopeful, Happy, and Open, which will function as IDs in the map. In addition, those who join this program will be able to listen to a personalized Spotify playlist, with music and content from Headspace, through the Waze audio player.

This new dynamic opens up the possibility for its users to choose to change the car icon that appears on the map of the application, for a “Serene balloon ride”, visible only to the user who chooses it. In addition, personalized navigation directions are added to this experience, as an alternative to the traditional phrases that are integrated.

This initiative was announced shortly after the commemoration of World Mental Health Day on October 10. Its expansion will be for a limited time and is available to those using Waze in Spanish, in addition to its English, French and Portuguese versions.

On the contribution of this initiative, Ewe Lewis Prieto, Director of Meditation at Headspace, commented that “We spend so much time trapped or distracted by our thoughts, feelings and emotions that we miss so much of what is happening right in front of us. The practice of mindfulness helps us to live IN every moment regardless of what is happening, that way we begin to learn to slow down and nurture a sense of calm and tranquility in mind and body ”.

To access this experience, simply access the “My Waze” menu, where a new section titled “Drive with Headspace” has been added. In this space, it is possible to adjust the aforementioned elements, as long as this campaign is active.


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