“Wellness tourism is gaining in importance among travelers”


Recently, frequent city traveler Preejo TJ took a trip to Assam and Meghalaya – he tells us it was a well-deserved break from his routine. “After COVID, many began to travel to places like Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. People were waiting to get out of the house and be with nature. Most of the country’s tourist destinations are partially open. Instead of traveling for fun, many promote their well-being through physical, psychological and spiritual activities. Travelers have become more adventurous, which was not the case before. My recent trip to Assam and Meghalaya was a well-deserved break – I was waiting to relax from my daily activities. The places I have visited are so dreamy, surreal and enchanting – all the villages are surrounded by greenery, waterfalls and hills, ”Preejo says enthusiastically.

Independent consultant, he has been traveling solo since 2016 to unusual places across the country. “I often share my trip details on social media and many contact me asking to organize / organize trips. What I noticed after the pandemic was that people wanted to go out and experience various things. In Chennai itself, many turned to cycling, exercise and yoga. There was a time when the city’s bike shops were out of stock! There is a feeling of calm when you spend time with nature. You can find a lot of cyclists on the OMR and ECR stretch. I don’t know if it’s a wellness aspect or a health aspect, but people ended up sitting inside the house for almost a year and a half. Morning numbers on Chennai beaches have also increased over the past three months. Hope it’s not just a trend or a fad. I would like to see people take a real interest in their well-being, ”he adds.

Preejo enjoys outdoor yoga and mediation when traveling. “I make pear trees in the mountains, near waterfalls and cliffs. Being a morning person, I spend an hour for yoga and half an hour for meditation. As much as wellness tourism is gaining in importance, I think it is not fully experienced in India. Many here only have a few days off and love to relax and do other activities, ”he adds.

Pradeep Chakravarthy, who organizes heritage tourism in Tennessee, says he has received many requests from people regarding spiritual tours. “A lot of kids are stuck in online classes and want to get out of the house. We are opening our heritage hotel in Alwar Tirunagari in Thoothukudi district in November and have received several inquiries from all over India. Since people weren’t filming overseas so much, they wanted to visit the southern states of India. Wellness tourism is not only yoga and meditation, but also learning to cook and bond with each other. During the lockdown, people stayed together and realized the importance of doing things together. So now they’re looking to improve their well-being by doing various things together, ”Pradeep shares.


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