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Being HUMBLE is recognizing that you are no better than anyone else, showing no signs of arrogance, and most importantly, treating everyone the same. Our foundation is to spread love, positivity and compassion in a world that has been blindly separated. Love everyone and bring positivity wherever you go. Be humble.

Currently, we are a non-profit organization based in Lawrence, MA, but we strive to help communities and families in need all over the world. From fundraisers to charity games in low-income communities, we continue to work on spreading positivity and are beyond excited to continue adding to the HUMBLE family.

Ideally, the state of mind that we want to put in place on a daily basis is that I am equal to you. As much as you are for me, I am for you. Treat the janitor with as much respect as the man who hired him. Treat a homeless person as an equal to the CEO of a multi-million dollar company.

Never forget that you matter; you are beautiful, dignified, and more than capable of leading a rich life, whether you determine it outwardly or inwardly.

At HUMBLE, we spread love through our clothes. Together, my best friend and I co-design fashion in a way that embraces our mindset, from fall essentials like tracksuits to summer essentials like shorts. We seek to collaboratively create and spread a vision through what we all wear…. HUMBLELY, of course.

Find us at: https://officialhumble.com

be humble


“Cupid” t-shirt
Ivory Sweatshirt

Track shorts
“Be You” Crewneck Sweaters

Images courtesy of Christopher Gil

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