What is Jane Fonda’s diet and exercise routine that’s helping her stay fit at 84

Jane Fonda is an American actress, political activist, fitness icon, and former model.

She has acted in an incredible list of films and won various awards. This includes two Oscars for his films “Klute” and “Coming Home”, seven Golden Globe Awards and two British Academy Film Awards. His fitness DVDs and workout books were a big hit in the 80s and sold around 17 million copies worldwide.

She is currently popular for her role as Grace Hanson in the Netflix series “Grace and Frankie”, which has also been renewed for its final and seventh season.

Although her days of aerobics and high-intensity exercise are now behind her, the fitness icon still makes it a point to stay in shape and maintain her healthy and fit lifestyle.

The 84-year-old actress spares no effort to keep her body in shape. She believes that keeping your bones and heart strong through regular physical activity is one of the key elements to successful and healthy aging.

However, her health journey was not always easy, as she struggled with bulimia and poor body image throughout her teens into her 40s. She’s also been very vocal about her battles with cancer and how she overcame them.

Jane Fonda’s exercise routine and diet

Exercise routine

As for physical activities, Fonda enjoys yoga, long walks, resistance training, cross-country skiing, etc.

Even though over the years she has experienced several health issues, Fonda hasn’t let that stop her from moving her body. However, there are various exercises that she cannot do, as she suffers from osteoarthritis. So she invests in exercises that are safer and easier to do.

She also believes that the most important thing to keep your body active is to keep it moving, and that’s what she does to maintain her fitness even at age 84.

“I lift lighter weights, walk, and move slowly. But I move every day. Keeping your body active is very critical,” says Fonda.

The Grace and Frankie star also does aerobic exercise every day. She not only uses the treadmill but also involves other aerobic workouts in her routine. They include elliptical machines, hikes, dance classes like Zumba, and brisk walking.

She likes to be outdoors and doesn’t prefer walking around the same neighborhood all the time. Instead, she takes it as a challenge and prefers tough hiking trails. She also enjoys skiing and snowshoeing.

Although Jane Fonda is very consistent with her exercises, she doesn’t do anything that creates problems for her body. As she suffers from osteoarthritis, she does not lift heavy weights; instead, she prefers resistance bands in her strength training and opts for floor work to target every muscle group.


As a fitness icon and actress, Fonda has always been body conscious. She prefers light foods and never skips her breakfast. Her day usually starts with a few eggs and she has a late breakfast. She often skips dinner and only relies on small, healthy snacks.

Jane Fonda is not a fan of carbs and refined sugar. She only prefers sugar in its natural form, which is fruit, and makes it a point to have different fruits and vegetables every day. Moreover, she also likes to have fish for her lunch.

Fonda believes in keeping a food diary because it helps her know exactly what she is eating and how much.

Foods that Jane Fonda opts for

Cereals and whole grain bread


Fresh fruits and vegetables


Lean meat


It avoids:

Refined sugar

calorie foods

Foods that have a long shelf life


Junk Items

Salty foods.

Jane Fonda also takes care of her body and mind by sleeping at least nine hours a day and never skipping her exercises. Along with strength training, she also practices yoga and meditation and embraces her surroundings whenever she can.

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