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Tepia Co releases the latest version of the app that digitizes Byron Katie’s award-winning mindfulness program.

Tepia Co is releasing the latest version of The Work app, which digitizes Byron Katie’s award-winning mindfulness program.

COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 10, 2021 / – Tepia Co, an Orange County-based software company specializing in mobile apps, has released the latest version of the app The Work by Byron Katie.

The Work, a supportive mental health exercise with an emphasis on meditation and psychological exploration, is Byron Katie’s award-winning mindfulness program. With over 35 years of experience, Byron Katie has used The Work to help thousands of her followers isolate and understand stressful thoughts.

By digitizing the process, the app encourages users to really focus on performing the exercises created by Byron Katie. By allowing for the automatic completion of worksheets, the Work app can help people who are struggling to keep up with the program. It can also help people cross-reference exercises that have already been completed. Additionally, the app does not allow offsite storage in the interest of security to create an intimate environment to encourage full disclosure.

On iOS, the Work app regularly registers over 600 downloads each month, making it the 34th iOS health and fitness app available. On the Android Play Store, the app has logged over five thousand downloads and in total there have been over 70,000 downloads of the app since Tepia Co released it.

Tepia Co. worked with Byron Katie and her team to program an inexpensive, personalized application that digitizes the process of viewing spreadsheets available for free on the website, with an emphasis on accessibility and understanding. The Work app was created to increase the accountability of users who wish to complete the program but find it difficult to find a time and place to sit and work on the exercises.

The useful possibilities of technology

The technology is widely believed to have harmful effects on mental health. With The Work app, Tepia Co has strived to combine the possibilities of technology with a positive effect on mental health.

Tepia Co has worked on other mental health apps in the past, including Subtle Alliance, a HIPAA-compliant accountability app developed to help clients transition from residential treatment for substance abuse disorder to aftercare.

Their goal is always to advance the positive aspects of technology to create supportive applications that protect and make users happy, and encourage them to take better control of their online experiences.

About Tepia Co

Tepia Co. is a custom software company that creates user-friendly and cost-effective solutions. With an emphasis on long-term relationships and collaboration, Tepia Co works with offshore contractors, local contractors, employees and remote workers to develop rapid solutions to problems within budget and requirements of the company. customer. They have a five-star rating on Yelp, Clutch, and Google, and their customer service has been described as “exemplary” and “exceeding expectations.”

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