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The hectic lifestyle that most of us lead today has made controlling our physical and mental health crucial. Stress, anxiety, insomnia and many other mental health issues are common among people. And, to lead a mentally healthy life, it is also important to take the necessary precautions. Now that smartphones have become a crucial part of our lives, some genius developers have found a way to harness them to help people feel better psychologically. One such initiative is the Yours app.

The Yours app is a digital product designed for iOS and Android users that can help users achieve a relaxed and more focused lifestyle. In this blog, we will discuss the usability of this mindfulness app through its features. Later we will discuss its pros and cons before we rate the app and end this review of Yours App for iPhone and Android. So, stick with us till the end of this Yours App APK review to learn all about this wellness app.

Yours app features

We will break down the features of this mental health app to get detailed information on its usefulness. These features will also help you understand how app developers properly address mental health topics and how app features can help users achieve a better quality of life.

1. Music, stories and soundscapes

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There can be nothing better than just hanging out with your headphones on while listening to sounds or music that relaxes your mind. Among the best wellness practices offered by this mindfulness app, music and soundscapes can be the most effective tool to feel better faster. There are sleep stories to help you sleep better. You can also turn on ambient sounds that make you feel good and help you control your thoughts.

2. Effective meditation classes

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Yoga and meditation are known to be one of the most effective therapies to improve your mental health. You can use this body workout guide app to explore a range of mindfulness meditation courses designed by experts to help you. These classes are easy to follow and focus on improving your mental health with lessons, self-directed exercises and more. With the help of these wellness practices, you can reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

3. ASMR practices to titillate your brain

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Yours app comes with ASMR practices that will tickle your mind and reboot it to make you feel much better. These scientifically proven ASMR techniques are used around the world to help users reduce stress levels and control anxieties.

4. Hundreds of hours of videos

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The Yours app features hundreds of hours of yoga and meditation videos to help you dramatically improve your mental health. You can also improve your physical health with these yoga practices and adopt a lifestyle that keeps you stress-free. In addition to that, these mindfulness meditation classes are also delivered as personalized weekly videos. So, in short, you get all the tips you need to get a more relaxed mind with this mental health app.

Advantages and disadvantages of Yours App APK and .ipa

Going further, to get to know Yours App better, we will review its pros and cons separately.

Advantages of Yours App APK and .ipa

  • 7-day free trial for premium features
  • Many interactive breathing exercises
  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • Hundreds of hours of yoga videos
  • Available on iOS and Android devices
  • Strength exercises to relieve muscles

Disadvantages of Yours App APK and .ipa

  • Not all features are free

Additional Yours Application Details

Additional details

FOU Ranking

Security– 4.5
Features– 4.6
Navigation– 4.6
Pricing– 4.2


Yours app has amazing features and after going through each of them, it is clear that users can easily trust one of the best mental health apps. For a better and more relaxed lifestyle, you need to install Yours app.

In the end, we hope this Yours App review introduced you to the app properly. Now, if you also have an app, you can contact MobileAppDaily and have your app reviewed. This will help your app show up to a global user base.

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